All about shoppable STR units, what they are, and how to easily set one up.

Even as a host yourself, there’s a good chance you have stayed in another rental property and thought to yourself “I wonder where they got their sofa”, and “sofa” can be switched out by an endless list of amenities and furnishings one might find in a rental property. We’ve talked to hosts that have gone so far as to say they remember a mattress they slept on 25 years ago and regret not buying it to this day. Stories and experiences like these are why it’s no surprise that “shoppable stays” are the next biggest trend in the short-term rental industry.

Treehouse A-Frame, Shasta County, CA 

The Treehouse A-Frame is a gorgeous minimalist cabin located by Shasta Lake in California, and is hosted by husband-and-wife team Cees and Madison. They saw the opportunity to share the amenities they provide to guests and took advantage of it by adding a unique shoppable experience to their stay. If you spend a night at their gorgeous A-Frame cabin, you can learn exactly which products and brands they use for everything from their sheets to the vintage record player they have. 

How do guests figure out what these amazing products are and where to get them? All virtually of course. Cees and Madison have a virtual lookbook set up so that they can easily showcase the various items in their stay with the simple send of a link. Outside of adding a memorable component to your guests’ stays, the lookbook is a unique way to tie in affiliate links to your products so you can earn some revenue. To set one up you’ll have to find and join affiliate programs for any of the products you use, and then use some software skills to set up a lookbook your guests can access. If software isn’t up your alley and you’re looking to skip the hassle of setting up links, you can use services that do it for you.

The possibilities for what you can showcase to your guests are truly limitless with a virtual lookbook. Take Cristina, who hosts a beautiful place in Pompano Beach, FL.

Sunhouse Florida, Shoppable Stay in Pompano Beach Florida

She uses her lookbook to showcase items like the eco-friendly hand soap in the bathroom, the hand towels guests can use, and even the books she leaves out for guests to read. Almost every aspect of the property can be worked into the lookbook, and interestingly, having the lookbook elevates the experience you put forward to guests. Having a way for guests to get the same products as you puts forth the message that the products you use are high quality enough that people have wanted to buy the same ones in the past. 

The Edinburg Estate, Shoppable Stay in Green Valley, CA

And of course, guests that bring home a piece of their stay will always remember your property because it will be associated with an amazing product they use. Now your property will come up in conversation and always be top of mind for someone that stayed with you. Between the ability to earn you some extra money, show off your best products, and increase the likelihood of returning visitors, turning your property into a shoppable stay is a no-brainer!