This is the story of how Justin and Corey C. boosted their short-term rental property's monthly revenue by becoming a brand affiliate.

Short-term rental host couple Justin and Corey, owners of 4 properties that they list on Airbnb, were charging $200 per night, but earning a mediocre income after expenses. Unhappy with their earnings, they started researching new ways to earn money. While most approaches said to charge higher rates or do paid ads to increase bookings, one was unique- the opportunity to become a shoppable property and partner with GhostBed.

Image credit: GhostBed

Justin and Corey quickly hopped on the opportunity to partner with GhostBed, a top-rated mattress and bedding retailer, and upgraded the beds in their home at a large discount. Equipped with a catalog that guests could use to learn about GhostBed, they continued hosting how they had been before. The effects on their total revenue were stunning.

Over the next couple months, Justin and Corey saw their revenue increase by $500 per month, meaning they could invest in better amenities and improvements to the guest experience.

Guests were commenting on how much they loved the mattress and bedding we provided for them, and we would easily share our catalog with them in our welcome email and checkout message. GhostBed gave us discount codes to hand out as well which guests really appreciated. - Justin

Guests were purchasing items for their own homes, from the $60 pillows to the full set at a $3500 value, after experiencing GhostBed for a few nights during their stay, meaning huge commissions for Justin and Corey. They quickly realized that by also sharing their catalog through the online presence they had cultivated on social media, they could showcase the product online leading to the months where they reached up to $1200-$1300 in commissions with minimal effort.

Becoming a shoppable property can be a powerful way to provide a unique guest experience and boost earnings. With the behavior of shoppable properties becoming more prevalent, guests will remember and likely even start to expect the ability to bring pieces of their stay home with them. Join the trend today with Glimpse.