Airbnb host Robert was running a property in Montauk when he had the idea- what if everything in the rental property was available for purchase?

Robert M. is an Airbnb host in Montauk that was hosting a traditional stay, until one day the question popped into his head- what if everything in this rental space was available for purchase?

With this idea he began to make his property shoppable by working with brands to get products for his rental property. He addressed every aspect of the guest experience, looking at partnerships for linens, decor, furniture, and more.

Image from Airbnb

He uploaded a simple shop on his website that allowed guests to explore the products and continued to host the way he always had. The response he saw from guests was overwhelmingly positive. The reaction was so positive he went on to open another property with the same shoppable experience

“People increasingly expect for these spaces to feel domestic and to inspire them to discover new things.” - Robert

As Robert's experience demonstrates, guests love and are more likely to remember the unique experience of being able to shop the products in a property. The rental industry is becoming more and more competitive with new luxury stays popping up every month. Stay modern and relevant by giving your next guests a shoppable experience.

Credit to ApartmentTherapy for details on the case study.