Easily track inventory on hand.

Glimpse makes it simple to visualize fluctuations in inventory levels, ensure that POs are placed to refill low inventory DCs, and understand fill-rate.

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Visualize fluctuations in inventory levels over time.

Glimpse pulls your distributor center inventory data to create visualizations of inventory levels over time by DC, SKU, and more.

Ensure POs are placed to refill low inventory DCs

Understand when you need to follow up with distributors to replenish inventory at DCs that have less than two weeks of inventory on hand.

Track fill-rate across your distributors.

Keep an eye on fill-rate across your retail presence to ensure it never drops too low. Understand potential lost sales and identify locations where fill-rate can be improved.

Scale your retail sales with Glimpse today

See how Glimpse can help simplify working with retailers and distributors to let your sales team focus on growing velocity across your retail accounts.

One tool to manage and grow your retail sales