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Get access to free products from top brands and create memorable guest experiences as a Glimpse property

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What we look for in Glimpse properties

High Occupancy

We provide free products to properties with high occupancy to reach new consumers that can try new amenities.

Property Quality

We look for properties where our product will fit into and complement the overall property experience.

Property Reviews

We look for properties that will represent the Glimpse brand well and can continue to improve their reviews by being Glimpse properties.

How it works

Build your profile

Go through the Glimpse onboarding for your properties so they can be set up to receive products.

Request and receive products

Browse a marketplace of offers and request the ones that would be the best fit for your properties.

Set up the in-home experience to share products with guests

Set up your Glimpse placard that goes to your custom catalog with products and create memorable guest experiences.


Maria M., Florida

We were thrilled to receive our Drinkworks set including the machine and 80 pods at no cost to us. The process was very easy, we were able to set up the machine in our Airbnb without any difficulty using the detailed instructions we received. We include messages that encourage them to try the product at no cost to them and to visit our site on Glimpse.

The Vermont A-Frame

🥰🥰🥰 thanks glimpse team! Can’t wait to show our guests some awesome new products!

Danny Gong, Hawaii

My guests love the 2 queen mattresses I provide them. Thanks to Glimpse, I got them for free and earn when a guest purchases. It's a no brainer.

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Do I have to pay to be a Glimpse property?

You do not pay for anything, but you do have to apply to join the Glimpse network.

How do I keep receiving products from Glimpse?

As long as you continue to have high occupancy and properly set up the Glimpse experience and product, you should be able to continue to receive offers..

Do I choose which products to have in my properties?

Yes - both the property and Glimpse must agree to placements to ensure the highest quality placements in each property.

Can I share my Glimpse catalog?

Yes - you can share your Glimpse catalog in your check-in / check-out messages along with your social media.

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