launchable showrooms

Enable product trials at scale
and use Glimpse’s
extensive network of spaces
to convert high-intent consumers

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How it works

Add the Glimpse plugin

Easily integrate the Glimpse plugin to the product pages of your e-commerce site. Your customers will be able to seamlessly book a showroom experience.

Sit back and relax

Let the Glimpse showroom experience and your products speak for itself. Glimpse educators are trained to highlight the value of your products to customers.

Convert potential customers

Once they complete their showroom experience, they'll receive an exclusive discount. Your dashboard will show insights about the consumer journey.

Join top brands

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Are there any quality control measures?

The Glimpse team ensures an excellent level of quality across showrooms following a rigorous procedure with property owners including pictures and reviews of products.

Where can I set up showrooms? 

The team works with your brand to identify target markets to set up showrooms in any primary or secondary market in the United States where Glimpse has property partners.

Who visits the showrooms? 

Potential customers can seamlessly book a showroom directly from your product page. Your brand can also consult the Glimpse team on ways to drive more potential customers through your site.

What data does Glimpse provide me? 

Glimpse provides an end-to-end experience to book showrooms. We provide you with all leads that book a showroom along with personalized attributes based on their visit and preferences that you can use to strengthen your relationship with that customer.