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What We Look For in Glimpse Space Partners


Space Has Good Foot Traffic

Whether you have an Airbnb with multiple bookings monthly, a thriving coffee shop, or a co-working space with new monthly visitors, we look for space partners with good traffic to join our network.


Space Quality

A mutually-beneficial relationship is important to us. We look for properties where our brand partners will fit into and complement the customer experience.


Customer Testimonials

We look for spaces that will represent the Glimpse brand well and can continue to improve their visitor experience by being Glimpse showroom.

How It Works

Register your space

Apply to the Glimpse platform.

When you register your spaces on the Glimpse platform, you automatically become eligible to receive and request offers to showcase products from our brand partners.
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receive showcase opportunities

Seamlessly receive products.

Easily match with interested brand partners and receive products all through your Glimpse portal.
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improve your Space experience

Showcase your products.

Let the products improve your space and let visitors easily engage with the products to learn more for themselves.
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Start showcasing products today.


Which types of spaces can be Glimpse partners? 

If you run any space with consistent foot traffic or guests, you can apply. These spaces include Airbnbs, coffee shops, coworking spaces, boutique stores, and more.

Do I pay to receive products? 

Opportunities to showcase products are free for all users. After receiving the initial product is received, you'll have the opportunity to purchase more units at a discounted price through the Glimpse platform.

Can I choose which products to have in my space?

Yes - both the space and Glimpse must agree to placements to ensure the highest quality placements in each location. We'll work with you to curate the specific product and match the aesthetic of your space.

How are space and brand pairings decided?

Brands will reach out to you if they are interested in showcasing a product in their space. You can approve or deny any requests. In addition, you'll have an opportunity to indicate you interest in partnering with brands on the Glimpse platform.
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