Introducing Glimpse

Place your products in 1,500+ short-term rental properties across the country.

Glimpse helps you increase your reach and drive sales by connecting you to vetted short-term rental properties for product placements.
Glimpse For brands

Place your products in 1,000+ short-term rental properties across the country.

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Glimpse Shop

Sell directly to rental properties

The Glimpse Shop is an exclusive storefront for your brand to get in front of the guests of high quality rentals.
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Product placements

Target specific areas and demographics

Place products in our network of properties and let thousands of guests try your product in an intimate setting.
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Track follow-on sales

We provide every property with a digital catalog tied to your company's affiliate links so we can drive sales from people who try your product.
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Highlighted Properties

Turn guests into loyal customers after they try your product in person.

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How does Glimpse work? 
We place your products in our network of short term rental properties so guests can try and use the item during their stay. In these properties, we place marketing materials with the item along with a message about the products for the check in and check out. These affiliate links go directly to your site to acquire these guests as your future customers.
How many properties does Glimpse have in its network?
We currently have 1,000 properties in our network and are constantly growing this number. All of our properties are vetted to meet certain criteria and are spread across North America.
How does pricing work?
We price per booking based on the properties you are reaching and the type of campaign you want to run along with a commission on follow-on sales that we split with our property partners.
How does Glimpse handle attribution? 
We place marketing materials with the product and and have our hosts send a message at check in and check out with unique links to your site.
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Read about the successes our properties have seen so far with top quality brands.

Glimpse for brands

Grow your reach and sales through short-term rental properties

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The essence of a contemporary boutique


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We’re calling it brand wellbeing.

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Confidence with a touch of luxury.

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