Quickly launch showrooms at scale.

Easily set up physical touchpoints for your brand through Glimpse's showroom network of short term rentals, coffee shops, co-working spaces, and more. All without the hefty costs of retail.

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You're in good company.

Use the Glimpse platform to place your products in showrooms so that e-commerce customers can touch and feel your product.

How It Works

Reach new customers and bring your
e-commerce customers offline.

Once you've set up a showroom to display your product, use the Glimpse booking engine to drive e-commerce customers to visit the showroom and try out the piece prior to purchasing. Top of funnel customers will also discover your product.

Track a holistic customer journey from discovery to conversion.

When a potential customer views your product, the Glimpse platform captures brand affinity and intent to purchase. When engaged, a potential customer will receive a unique discount code to use on your e-commerce store. Your Glimpse dashboard will provide insights on the customer journey.

View performance and track unique insights through the Glimpse app.

Your dashboard, built into your ecommerce store, will show insights about the consumer journey.

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Placement Examples

Types of Showrooms

Short term rentals

Coffee shops

Coworking spaces

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Launch scalable showrooms with Glimpse today.