The first E2E deductions service powered by AI

Utilize the first fully AI-powered deductions service that works faster, costs less, and recoups more money than doing deductions manually or using any existing services.

Glimpse works with leading CPG brands

How it Works

AI handles the most tedious parts of deduction management

Automated Categorization

AI completely automates the process of reading every PDF and email you receive containing deductions. Every supporting document and data point is pulled into Glimpse's AI model to give you an accurate categorization and explanation for the deduction.

graphic demonstrating inputs of deductions from kehe and unfi, coming in via email, excel, document, and pdf. Connected by a dotted line to a classified deduction for shipment shortage, from kehe, for distribution center 12, and dated 2/24/2023
Logos of integration sources including Netsuite, SAP, Cin7, Salesforce, Quickbooks, Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and SPS commerce

Glimpse integrates across 30+ CPG software tools.

Glimpse has a growing network of ERP tools that leading CPG brands and distributors use to ensure seamless integration. If we don't already have an integration, we will custom build it for your team.

Detailed Investigation of Disputes

Glimpse prepares detailed disputes by integrating to internal data sources like marketing calendars, ERPs, and more.

A card indicating an investigated dispute with reasoning, validity, evidence, and file.

Hands-off Follow Up Cadences

The Glimpse AI platform provides robust retail analytics across the supply chain and generates unique insights that would take hours of work to generate manually.

Icons indicating a drip sequence of email follow ups sent every week.




Trusted By Fast Growing CPG Brands

Using Glimpse has been a game-changer for us. Their platform has automated the process of identifying stores that are dropping off in sales so that we can proactively engage buyers to restock our products. With Glimpse, we could reduce our contractor headcount and hours spent per employee in these sales operation functions.
Kaitlin Mogantele
Founder and CEO at Pulp Pantry

20+ hours saved weekly & 
25% incremental revenue generated

Harness the power of AI

Glimpse is rebuilding deductions management from the ground up with AI. This creates a much more streamlined, cost effective, and better performing deductions process.

Automated investigation

AI completely automates deciphering every PDF and email, and prepares detailed disputes by integrating to marketing calendars, ERPs, and more.

Faster repayment

Glimpse’s AI learns and improves from every dispute to recoup money faster, and automated follow-ups mean nothing gets delayed.

No Hourly Fees or Retainers

Pay as your deductions scale, rather than bloated hourly fees or retainers. AI works faster and cheaper than a human team, meaning you pay less.

Backed By Leading Investment Firms & Executives From Leading Companies