The all-in-one platform for actionable insights from your retail data.

Glimpse eliminates the need for an analyst by combining automated data collection with human analyst support.

Connect your sources of retail data

Bring together data from sources like KeHE, UNFI, Whole Foods, and many more. Glimpse takes in your data as soon as it's available so your insights are always up-to-date.

Ace category reviews, track inventory, measure promos, and more

Glimpse supports all of your workflows like pulling accurate sales velocity numbers for buyer meetings, measuring marketing success, spotting voids, tracking inventory and purchase orders, and more.

Get a dedicated human analyst to support with custom reports and features

Glimpse assigns you a human analyst to serve as an extension of your team and be on call for any specific insights you need pulled from your data, general support, and customizations to the platform.
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